Kitchen Remodeling: Getting The Kitchen You Want

Kitchen Remodeling: Getting The Kitchen You Want

The hub of the home. The center of activity. This is what a kitchen is to a regular family. Here is where we prepare our meals, we eat, we bond, and we do our sundry tabletop work. A point comes to our life when we want to rearrange the whole set-up to fill our family’s changing needs. How does one go about this?

First of all…

First of all, as in all general projects, is the planning stage. Remodeling the kitchen is a giant task, so look for a competent contractor to handle it. He will ask questions or make suggestions. Will there be addition of cabinets or a change of flooring? Would you like an expansion or a complete revamp?

Think about the layout that will make the kitchen traffic smooth. It can be a one-wall or two-wall kitchen, an L-shaped or a U-shaped kitchen. How would you arrange the appliances to make meal preparation and cleanup organized? The layout would depend on the size of your kitchen and the proposed expansion space.

The Flooring.

Floors may be of vinyl material, tiles, wood, or laminate. This should go with the complete look of the kitchen.

Vinyl tiles are the cheapest option and work is done in a day. Tiles require a lot more man-hours, because there are several steps involved. Both materials are water-friendly, making the cleaning of spills easy. Hardwood is not so popular because it rots and warps with water, and needs special care. However, this is also a possible option for the diligent homemaker. Laminate flooring is another popular choice, because this is not affected by moisture.

Utilities have a place too.

Consider the plumbing and the electrical lines. Where does the sink go? Existing water pipes tell you where, but changing the location entails rerouting and adding new pipes, and additional costs. The same goes for gas and electrical lines. This may seem intimidating, but your master kitchen specialist who knows these intricacies will guide you.

For a great look in your kitchen, you can have several lighting options instead of the ordinary single ceiling light.

*Mini lights inside the cabinets to display beautiful glassware

*A light under the cabinet

*Recessed lighting

*Dimmer switches for controlling the amount of light

*Have bigger windows to let in more natural light

Cabinets and countertops

They are also included in the agenda. Would you use old cabinets, install it in another space, or add new ones? Would you like it constructed according to your design or buy ready-made ones from the local supplier?

The countertops are where you prepare meals and place your dishes. It may be of ceramic tiles or granite or marble. The choice may be according to the general theme of the kitchen.

Don’t forget the color scheme from the ceiling right down to the flooring.

After the planning…

Having done with the planning, it is now up to your kitchen contractor to start the actual work, which begins with dismantling and tearing down. Sit back and relax as they do their job while you envision your new sparkling kitchen.