Getting Stuck in a Ditch and How to Get Out

So, I will start off by telling you of a pickle that I got into about 10 years ago. I was in sunny California when this happened, I was driving in the pouring rain, and yes it does rain there. There was so much road construction on the streets that I was on, there were walkways and bridges on the block that I was on alongside the street was a canal.(where they were putting a traffic light in) I didn’t know what to do, I had three young kids with me, and it was late. I didn’t want to take a chance and hit a deep watery pothole, so, what’s a person to do but go up on the canal to drive. The canal is wide enough from my memory of seeing it day after day, but what I didn’t consider was that in the rain, all of the dirt would now be mud, yes mud!

Wow did I get into trouble fast, I only got like twenty feet and my van would not drive any more, guess what happened? Yep that’s right It started to sink and all that I could hear was the sound of kids going What is going on and I’m scared. Pitch black out, no streetlights just my head lights We sunk about three feet. The mud was up to the top of the passenger side of the van. Yep that’s right, just the passenger half of the van. I thought that we might tip over in the canal water

I had to think fast, I grabbed my cell phone to call the tow company, wait I know what your thinking, why did I wait so long to call the tow truck? Well it all happened so fast. The best part was it only took him about maybe ten minutes to get to us I could not believe how fast he got to us.

Well, he just drove up on the canal, yes just like I did. He didn’t even start to sink. He hooked up these metal cables called winches. He just hooked them to something under my bumper and went back to his tow truck and hit a switch. Well, the van didn’t go in the water, but it was lifted up and out of the mud and down the canal on the road.

I must say that I was very impressed. He pulled us out so quickly! That is a night that I or the kids will never forget. I learned so much from this tow truck driver. The first thing that I learned was what a winch was and what a winch can do. The second and the best thing that I learned was that if a police officer had seen me up on the canal (during road construction) that he could have given me a hefty fine of about a six-hundred-dollar ticket. So, in short, I will never cross a construction sign or rope again.